The ANAGEA model is based on providing a comprehensive service to support companies in all of their processes throughout the life cycles of their projects, starting with making investments viable until ensuring the execution of operations from an environmental, social, and compliance standpoint.

Our track record positions us as an expert and strategic support in relations with the authority, as a technical counterpart from the obtaining of environmental and sectoral permits to handling sanctioning procedures.

Asesoría ambiental estratégica para proyectos de inversión

Investment Projects

Project Design

  • Mapping of critical environmental and social issues to incorporate into the design of projects.
  • Early identification of environmental and social measures and commitments to incorporate into the project budget.
  • Development of early studies that facilitate socio-environmental assessment.

Making Projects Viable

  • Strategy and road map for making projects viable with a proposal for solutions and actions that minimize risks associated with compliance and its context.
  • Building a solid base case to substantiate the new project through a diagnostic assessment and plan of action to resolve non-compliance.
  • Strategies for early citizen participation and development of agreements.

Project Funding

  • Development of environmental due diligence for investors, identifying and prioritizing the critical issues that could affect the value of the business.
  • Compliance and implementation of international standards for the funding process of investment projects.

Permits for Projects

  • Preparation and obtaining of environmental authorizations within the SEIA framework.
  • Preparation and processing of Sectoral Permits.

Operations In Execution


  • Examination and verification of environmental, sectoral, and social commitments acquired for different stages of execution.
  • Compliance audits, developing plans of action for gaps, considering associated priorities, costs, and time frames.
  • • On-site support for ensuring compliance of environmental, sectoral, and social commitments.
  • Preparation of technical reports for the authority (follow-up reports, analysis of monitoring trends, environmental monitoring plans).

Inspection and Sanctions

  • Consulting on the application of inspection criteria of the Superintendency of the Environment (SMA), adjusting procedures and proposing solutions.
  • Support during Sanctioning Procedures, creating Compliance Programs and their subsequent follow-up reports required by the SMA.
  • Technical counterpart in defense processes and administrative appeals with the environmental authority.
Apoyo en la gestión ambiental para operaciones en ejecución