“Experience shows us it is increasingly essential to efficiently plan and manage the large number of permits required for a mining project; it saves a lot of time and money while contributing to the sustainability of the business. ANAGEA’s knowledge and experience in this field has been an enormous contribution in this more strategic dimension of project execution, with significant advances in the effective integration of technical, regulatory, and territorial disciplines.”

FRANCISCO WALTHER Vice President of Projects - Antofagasta Minerals

“From my experience with ANAGEA, what definitely stands out to me is the exceptional level of commitment to the client, in the sense that they quickly and effectively understand problems, impart experience right from the very beginning, and maintain the quality of the support throughout the entire project. This builds real trust.”

SEBASTIÁN GILGeneral Manager - Minera Invierno

“For companies to be successful, and executives in particular, their vision needs to be integrated into processes. Throughout my professional experience, ANAGEA has been a fundamental strategic partner in incorporating the world of sustainability into each mining process, thereby jointly achieving excellent results from the very core of operations”

FRANCISCO CARVAJAL Executive Vice President of Operations - Collahuasi

“Agrosuper has received expert consulting from ANAGEA on the preparation and assessment of projects, on the preparation of consultations on relevance, and in the later stages of the assessed projects, both in the preparation of follow-up and reportability reports, as well as to ensure complete environmental compliance of these.
Their knowledge of the regulations and standards of the environmental field and of sustainable development of projects in operational stages has allowed us to add an important element to the company’s Strategic Sustainability Plan.”

MARTÍN LANDEA LIRA Environmental Assistant Manager - Agrosuper

“We have relied on ANAGEA’S consulting for the design, development, and implementation of the Compliance Program of the La Coipa Mine pertaining to a remediation project involving underground water. The strategic guidelines for engaging with authorities have allowed us to add quality and value to environmental management. The result of this is a positive reception from both authorities and key stakeholders.
ANAGEA’S contributions aim to place value on environmental management and towards alignment with various stakeholders.”

SUSAN HENRY Environmental Manager - Compañía Minera La Coipa