The ANAGEA Model is based on two premises: accurate analysis and strategic support.

Accurate Analysis: The success and effectiveness of a strategy lies in the accurate definition of the problem and its context. Because we have a strategic approach and we understand the complexity of the system, at ANAGEA we focus on developing a thorough analysis of the context to design a customized implementation or solution strategy that guarantees effectiveness, reducing the business risk and ensuring long-term objectives.

“Accurate Definition,
Effective Implementation”

Strategic Support: Because we know and understand the internal and external complexity of our clients, we know how valuable it is to be able to rely on consultants that can resolve the problems and challenges they face without overlooking anything. With that in mind, we provide comprehensive consulting at ANAGEA based on the premise of trust and strategic support for our clients and their teams for decision-making in the development of a business.

We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals who work hand-in-hand with our clients in management during the design, construction, operation, and closing of their investments.